The Special Education Network is a clearinghouse for information on activities and resources that support individuals with disabilities.

Contact Person: Stan Swartz, California State University, San Bernardino

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Collaborative Model at Work

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Working Together: A Collaborative Model for the Delivery of Special Services in General Classrooms
Stanley L. Swartz, 2003
Prader Willi
stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Prader-Willi Syndrome and Positive Behavior Support: An Alternative Method of Treatment
Stanley L. Swartz, 2003


Web Sites of Interest
Learning Disability
Positive Behavior Support
National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
Prader Willi
Visit these websites related to Behavior Management:

* A site "dedicated to making the teaching life simpler" is found at Click on "Classroom Management" to read more on our October theme, Behavior Management, and read about the most up-to-date studies, classroom management tools, and helpful suggestions. This valuable website also hosts a "Lesson Plan Center," "Teacher Tools," an "Educator's Calendar," information for parents, links to other newsletters and more!

* From the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (CCBS) comes this website dedicated to the study of behavior analysis and related topics. Become a member; find a listing of seminars, publications and jobs. Check out the online tutorials, Glossary of Behavior Terminology, book reviews and links.

* The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis ( Visit this website dedicated to reporting research and recent findings on the subject. Subscribe, become a member of the Editorial Board, or search the JFAB Abstract search engine. Read current or back issues of the Journal, view video clips, commentary and more.

Professional Organizations
American Association on Mental Retardation
American Orthopsychiatric Association
Autism Society of America
Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders
Council for Exceptional Children

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