As we enter the second decade of Reading Recovery, we have behind us the success of over 80,000 independent readers and writers previously diagnosed as "at risk." But with more than 2,500 sites and 10,000 Reading Recovery teachers, it is important that we keep the dialogue going to maintain the same quality and consistency. Research in Reading Recovery is one such effort.
Research in Reading Recovery represents some of the most significant new research now available on Reading Recovery. Editors Stanley Swartz and Adria Klein bring together many of the best articles previously published in Literacy, Teaching and Learning, a key publication of the Reading Recovery Council of North America, who receives all royalties from this book. The purpose of the journal is to keep Reading Recovery teachers apprised of all new research to ensure that the program continues to reeducate itself. This book makes it easier for teachers, administrators, and researchers to locate the work.
Taken as a whole, this volume brings together a rich array of investigations by a number of prominent researchers and prompts a thoughtful examination of educational programs and larger systems. By continuing to study Reading Recovery, we can learn how to create and manage educational approached that will make the program more effective. More important, we can learn to create systems that are self-renewing and continually improving.



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Stanley L. Swartz
and Adria F. Klein
Both of the Reading Recovery
Council of North America

Gay Su Pinnell







1. Reading Recovery: An Overview, Stanley L. Swartz & Adria F. Klein

I. Research and Development

2. An Inquiry-Based Model for Educating Teachers of Literacy, Gay Su Pinnell
3. Sustained Effects of Reading Recovery Intervention on the Cognitive Behaviors of Second-Grade Children and the Perceptions of Their Teachers, Billie J. Askew & Kianne F. Frasier
4. Success of Old Order Amish Children in a Strategy-Oriented Program for Children at Risk of Failure, Joseph F. Yukish
5. Factors Affecting Students' Progress in Reading: Key Findings from a Longitudinal Study, Kenneth J. Rowe

II. Theory and Application

6. The Role of Early Literacy Interventions in the Transformation of Educational Systems, Janet S. Gaffney & Susan Y. Paynter
7. Descubriendo la lectura: An Early Intervention Literacy Program in Spanish, Kathy Escamilla
8. Reading Recovery and Learning Disablity: Issues, Challenges, and Implicatons, Carol A. Lyons
9. Reading Recovery in England, Angela Hobsbaum
10. Early Writing: Teachers and Children in Reading Recovery, Diane A. DeFord
11. Learning to Read: Insights from Reading Recovery, Noel K. Jones
12. Oral Language: Assessment and Development in Reading Recovery in the United States, Lance M. Gentile

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