Research in Reading Recovery
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Reading Recovery is an early intervention program for first graders at risk of reading failure. Reading Recovery used as a prereferral program has been shown to reduce placements in special education.

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Supporting Literacy Learning for Children with Autism, 2003

First Stockholm Conference of Research on Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
Stockholm, Sweden
Stanley L. Swartz

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Recovery: The Power of One
David Ermshar, Susan Moylan & Justin Prichard, 2000

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)San Francisco Unified School District Reading Recovery Program

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)California Early Literacy Learning and Reading  Recovery: Two Innovative Programs for Teaching Children to Read
Claremont Reading Conference Yearbook, 1998.

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Research in Reading Recovery, 1997
Stanley L. Swartz and Adria F. Klein, Editors

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Recovery: An Overview, 1994
Literacy, Teaching and Learning, 1(1)
Stanley L. Swartz and Adria F. Klein

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Recovery Links

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)The Foundation for Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Recovery Research Monograph

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Recovery in Georgia: A Four Year Report

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Recovery Evidence of Effectiveness

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Discussion Web Sites

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Curriculum Resource Links

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)South Elementary: Reading Recovery

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Intervention Programs

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