Selected Publications 

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stonedot.gif (902 bytes) Research Report on Critical Instruction in Literacy Learning

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Annual Report of the Foundation for California Early Literacy Learning

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Autism: Treatment and Inclusion

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)California Early Literacy Learning and Reading  Recovery: Two Innovative Programs for Teaching Children to Read
Claremont Reading Conference Yearbook, 1998.

stonedot.gif (902 bytes) Positive Behavior Support  

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Recovery: An Overview, 1994
Literacy, Teaching and Learning, 1(1)
Stanley L. Swartz and Adria F. Klein

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Recovery Research Monograph, 1996

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Mexico City 2000 Monograph

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Pupil Personnel Services, 1992
An Introduction to California School Administration,
Stanley L. Swartz and Russell-Hunt, Reilly

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Autism and Its Treatment:  Challenges for the 21st Century
Stanley L. Swartz

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Papers presented at the International Conference on Autism and Asperger's Syndrome, Stockholm, Sweden

Using Positive Behavior Support in a Home-Based Program for Children with Autism

Supporting Literacy Learning for Children with Autism

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Reading Recovery: The Power of One
David Ermshar, Susan Moylan & Justin Prichard, 2000

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Implications of Special Education on School Design: Practicality, Not Theory
Lane, Kenneth E.; Swartz, Stanley L.; McNair, Jeff
Educational Facility Planner; v31 n5 ; Sep 1993
This article addresses the practical impact of special education on school design based on the four major Congressional enactments which have impacted and will continue to impact those designs. Of the four enactments promoting barrier-free schools (the Education of the Handicapped Act, Architectural Barriers Act of 1968, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990) special attention is given to ADA requirements. Topics addressed include: 1) Parking, Passenger Loading & Building Access; 2) Corridors, Elevators & Stairs; 3) Classrooms; 4) Restrooms; 5) Cafeterias; and 6) Libraries. References are included.

stonedot.gif (902 bytes)Working Together: A Collaborative Model for the Delivery of Special Services in General Classrooms
Stanley L. Swartz, 2003

stonedot.gif (902 bytes) Autism / Autismo

stonedot.gif (902 bytes) AILEM Programme: a long term intervention to promote literacy learning in low performing primary schools in Chile

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