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Stanley L. Swartz
Series Editor

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Teacher's Choice is an exciting new concept in little books for emergent readers. Developed by classroom teachers, these books are designed for both classroom and one-to-one tutorial use. Each book in this series was selected from hundreds of entries to the "Write a Little Book" contest sponsored by California State University, San Bernardino. Manuscripts were reviewed and edited by the staff of Reading Recovery in California, and only those meeting the highest standard have been included in this series.

Features of the Teacher's Choice Series
All of the books were written by classroom teachers, reading specialists, and Reading Recovery teachers and teacher leaders for throughout the United States; the illustrations in all the books are attractive to children and there is appropriate text support; the subjects of the books are authentic sources that children will relate to in their everyday lives; all of the books have been field-tested and Reading Recovery leveled to support the youngest readers using natural language and repetitions that allow children to make predictions.

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The ease with which children can read these books helps develop the early strategies that children need for reading proficiency. Like the Carousel Readers series, Teacher's Choice is ideally suited to the strengths and weaknesses of Reading Recovery students. At the same time, however, the books in the series are also suitable for early intervention with at-risk readers in Titel I and elementary-level ESL/LEP programs, as well as in any classroom that uses Guided Reading strategies. As a collection, all of the books in the Teacher's Choice Series make good supplementary reading materials for any first grade classroom.

Series Components - 100 total books!

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