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Stanley L. Swartz
Series Editor

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Carousel Readers is a series of books written especially for at-risk first grade students. Since many of the books used in emergent reading original from outside the United States, Carousel Readers has the distinction of being a series that was conceived and created by teachers in the United States who are familiar with the needs of a very special group of children.

The primary objective of this series is to provide at-risk readers with interesting reading materials that reflect their everyday experiences, captivate their imaginations, and help them develop strategies that will enable them to become independent readers.

Series Components

Little Books
169 Titles

Big Books
20 Carousel Readers Big Books

While Carousel Readers will be ideally suited to the strengths and weaknesses of Reading Recovery students, the books in the series are also suitable for early intervention with at-risk readers in Title I and elementary-level ESL/LEP programs as well as in any classroom that uses Guided Reading strategies. As a collection, all of the books in the Carousel Readers series make good supplementary reading materials for any kindergarten or first grade classroom and for any students who are having difficulty making the transition to being effective literacy learners.

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Writing Team
Most of the titles in the Carousel Readers series are written by experienced American, Australian, Mexican and New Zealand teachers of emergent readers. Listed in alphabetical order are the contributors to the series: Graciela Arrendo, Mary Boehnlein, Diane DeFord, Cristina Espinoza, Elizabeth Gonzalez-Chronister, Colleen Griffiths, Carime Hagg, Sue Van Heurck, Beverly Hoffman, Les Howard, Sarah Howard, Patricia Kelly, Adria Klein, Leigh Mackenzie, Noella Mackenzie, Birdie L. Munoz, Judith Neal, Gay Su Pinnell, Marge Poe, Maxine Rose, Barbara Schubert, Andria Shook, Becky Shook, Lindsey Shook, Beryl Smith, Daniel Swartz, Jan Swartz, Philip Swartz, Stanley L. Swartz, and Annette Zuidland.

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