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Written by
Rebecca E. Shook, Adria F. Klein, and Stanley L. Swartz

An Essential Series That Focuses On The
Three Major Indicators of Reading Success
Building Blocks of Beginning Literacy

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- phonemic awareness
- phonics
- word analysis

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- letter formation
- letter-name correspondence
- letter-sound correspondence

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- directionality
- one-to-one matching
- locating known words
- conventions of print

The books in this series have been developed to help children understand and use phonics as a source of information. Phonemic awareness is developed through the repetition of phonetically decodable words. The set includes colorful and attractive books for beginning readers. Teachers are given materials to help their students develop important reading prerequisite skills. The books and materials are attractive and easy for children to use.


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The Dominie Alphabet Book
The primary function of the Alphabet Book is to help children recognize, name, and discriminate both the upper and lower case formations of each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. To support this learning each letter is accompanied by a picture of an object that begins with that letter.


The Dominie Letter Books (27 books)
The primary function of the Letter Books is to help children learn to recognize individual letters and the accompanying sounds by providing a number of words that start with the same letter/sound. The Letter Books consist of a little book for each letter of the alphabet and the ch, sh, and th digraphs. Each book contains several pictures of words that begin with that letter.

The Dominie Letter Books Supplement Package (8 books)
The Dominie Letter Books Supplement Package complements the Dominie Letter Books. It further helps students learn the alphabetic principle by using little books to introduce long vowel sounds, soft g, soft c, and the wh digraph.

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The Dominie Sound Books-digraphs, diphthongs, and blends (20 books)
The primary function of the Dominie Sound Books is to assist students with reading and spelling by helping them learn the more common vowel combinations and sounds that they make and how two or three consonants are blended together either at the beginning or end of a word.

The Dominie Phonics Readers (10 books)
The Dominie Phonics Readers are little books that are used for guided and independent reading in learning alphabetic principle, phonics, and concepts about print such as directionality, one-to-one matching, locating known words, and conventions of print. Titles include: Sam's Cap, Ted's Letter, Bill's Trip, Fox's Box, Lumpy Rug, Playing Games, Pete's Peacock, Mike's Bike, It's Broken, and Music Students.

The Dominie Phonics Readers Big Books
(10 books)
These Big Books are the Dominie Phonics Readers in a 14" X 14" format and are especially designed for shared reading.

Sentence Strips
(2 sets per Dominie Phonics Readers title)
2 sets of standard-size (3" x 24") Sentence Strips are included for each Dominie Reader.

blocks.gif (4107 bytes)Building Blocks Teacher's Guide
The Building Blocks Teacher's Guide provides activities for each book in the set. These activities support the teacher's instruction and provide students with opportunities for practice.

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