Some World Wide Web Resources

Local and Within California

Autism Research Group (Dr. Stanley Swartz, CSUSB).
Autism Research Institute (Dr. Bernard Rimland, San Diego).
CAN (Cure Autism Now) (Los Angeles).
AGRE (Autism Genetic Resource Exchange)--sponsored by CAN (Los Angeles).
Therapy/Respite Camps for Kids (Will Moore, UC Riverside).
Irlen Institute for Scotopic Sensitivity (Long Beach).

Out of State and National

Autism Society of America (USA).
Autism Society of Alabama (Alabama State Autism Society).
Autism Society of Wisconsin Home Page (Wisconsin State Society).
Howard County Chapter, ASA (Maryland).
Wake County Local Unit Autism Society of North Carolina (Raleigh).
Autism Resources (John Wobus, Syracuse University).
Autism Primer (TEACCH Program, Univ. of North Carolina).
An Environmental Approach to Autism (Dr.Stephen Edelson).
O.A.S.I.S. (Asperger's Syndrome information, Univ. of Delaware).
F.E.A.T. ( Early training for autism, Oregon).
Autism (Ch.A.D.D., Florida).
Autism (MedicineNet, Information Network, Inc.).
The Autism Depot (Bob Dellicker, daughter with autism).
Center for the Study of Autism (Salem, Oregon)
Society for Auditory Integration Training (Salem, Oregon).
Autism Information (Family Village, Wisconsin)
American Hyperlexia Association (Elmhurst, Illinois).
The Son-Rise Program (The Option Institute, Massachusetts)
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (statewide model in Florida)
The Indiana Resource Center for Autism (Dr.Cathy Pratt, Indiana U).
Purine Research Society--Purine Autism (Bethesda, Maryland)
Facilitated Communication Institute (Syracuse Univ., New York).
Recovery Zone (Lovaas treatment).
Current Autism Research funded by the National Institute of Health (Washington, D.C.).
Pacer Center: Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (Minneapolis, Minnesota).
Autism Spectrum Research & Studies

National and International Conferences

West Coast Special Education Conference.
Future Horizons, Inc. (publications and conferences, Texas).
Special Needs Education Conferences (Special Needs Edu. Network, Canada).


Autism--An Inside Perspective (Tony Lang, Australia)
Autism in Australia (Australia).
Autism Index (UK).
S.F.T.A.H. (Soc. for Autistically Handicapped, UK).
The National Autistic Society (UK).
Autism Organizations Worldwide

Other Autism Related Links

Autism Links