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The original text was published in 1992 and those chapters and authors are listed first. Subsequent revisions are listed second.

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1. Legal Basis of Education

          Kenneth E. Lane and Kathleen C. Cohn

2. Curriculum Development

          Billie G. Blair

Curriculum Development
- Revised September 2003

Billie G. Blair

3. Supervision of Instruction

          Cheryl F. Fischer

4. Site Administration

          Marcel P. Soriano and G. Keith Dolan

5. Pupil Personnel Services

          Stanley L. Swartz, Bonnie Russell-Hunt, and Kathryn C. Reilly

Special Education

Working Together: A Collaborative Model for the Delivery of Special Education Services in General Classrooms - Added August 2004

Stanley L. Swartz

Inclusion of Students with Disabilities - Added August 2004

Stanley L. Swartz

6. Personnel Practices

          David O. Stine

7. The School Superintendent

          Arthur J. Townley

8. The School Board

          Theodore Vick

9. School and Community Relations

          Randall B. Lindsey

10. School Finance and Business Management

          William E. Camp and Nicolas D. Ferguson

11. School Facility Planning

          Kenneth E. Lane and James A. Livingston


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